January 19, 2012

Valentine's Day Wreath Ideas with Deco Mesh & Work Wreath Forms

With Valentine's Day around the corner, here are a few more DIY craft ideas using our work wreath forms. These different red Valentine's Day heart wreaths were inspired by some of our previous wreath tutorials. Keep reading for instructions on how to create these wreaths using the work wreath forms, lame fabric and deco mesh!
Crush Lame Heart and Arrow Wreath

This crushed lame heart and arrow wreath was inspired by our previous St. Patrick's Day wreath pictured here. For the Valentine's day version, we use the same concept, but replace the gold clover with a silver arrow and heart.
CLICK HERE for previous blog post with instructions on how to attach the lame fabric to the work wreath form. Use the supplies listed below in place of the ones used for the St. Patrick's Day wreath.

Supplies needed:
*the supplies needed for these wreaths are available at Mardi Gras Outlet.com

To make the heart and arrow, first insert the craft wire into the deco flex tubing ribbon and shape the heart. Then with two short pieces, form the arrow head and the arrow tail. Attach at opposite corners on the heart before securing to the wreath.

Huge Red Heart Wreath
made with red deco mesh

This is one HUGE heart decoration. By combining two candy cane wreath forms, you create a big heart shape measuring about 36-inches x 40-inches! This large size is great for outdoors or big wall displays.

CLICK HERE for our previous blog post with detailed instructions on how to attach deco mesh to a work candy cane form. Use the supplies listed below and follow steps 1 to 4 in the tutorial section. 

You will need to make 2 red candy canes that face opposite directions. Once you have made them, attach them together at each of the top and bottom ends with sturdy craft wire.

Supplies needed:

Grapevine Heart Wreath with Red Bow
For a simple but pretty Valentine's Day wreath, make a big red bow and attach it to our heart shaped grapevine wreath. This bow was created by combining a deco flex tubing ribbon bow on top of a deco mesh ribbon bow, and attached on the left with craft wire. Click here to see simple bow-making instructions.

Supplies needed:

Wire Heart Wreath with Pink Bow
Crinkle Sheer is a type of fabric with texture and sheen that goes well with this pre-made wire heart wreath form. Attach the crinkle sheer bow to the mesh wire frame at the top left with craft wire. Click here for a video on how to make a bow.

Supplies needed:
(1) Light Pink Crinkle Sheer Roll

And if you haven't see the tutorial for this spiral wreath, check it out! 
It shows you how to make this super curly deco mesh heart wreath

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