July 22, 2010

Crab Season...Time for a Boil!

crab boilboiled crabs

My favorite Louisiana seafood, CRAB, is in season right now. There is nothing more delicious than hot boiled crabs right out of the boiling pot. This weekend, we enjoyed this batch of boiled blue crabs that were thick with white lump crab meat (the crabs turn red when cooked.) I am getting hungry just thinking about them. If you are lucky enough to live in an area that you can find fresh boiled crabs, I suggest you get some soon before the season ends. The sweet crab meat is definitely worth the time and work involved to peel them. I hope you get to enjoy some!

creative ideas for crab boilWith Crab Boil on my mind, I thought I would share a few of the crab products we carry at Mardi Gras Outlet. I love theme parties! Bringing the crab theme into all aspects of the event, really make the event special. So here are some creative ideas to use if you are having a crab boil!
crab soap
Just arrived, this week are these fun three-dimensional red crab soaps.  Individually wrapped and costing only $1.40 each, I think they are a great deal!
  • These crab soaps would be perfect wedding favors for a beach wedding or cute in guest bags.
  • Pile these cute crab soaps up in a basket in a bathroom mixed with fresh sliced lemons for a seafood or crab boil. Use the lemon and soap combination to take the seafood smell off your hands.

Crab Bobble Bead
This fun Bobblebead Crab Necklace has claws and legs attached with bouncy springs that allow them to move. This fun party bead/necklace is sure to get some attention, as it bounces around. Beads are great to hand out to your guests or to decorate with.  
  • Add these bead necklaces to a plain wreath for an instant crab theme wreath.
  • Wrap beads around a vase with the bouncy crabs dangling. Fill vase with coordinating flowers for a festive centerpiece.
  • Scatter bead necklaces around the party tables, for guest to enjoy, wear and take home. Kids love these bobbling creatures!
  • We sell Bobble picks, magnets and beads in both this comic crab and a realistic crab. Coordinate your decorations and party favors with these fun bobble crabs!
Tika Tabasco Crab Platter

 Tika Hasslock's beautiful Seafood Buffet Platters create a wonderful presentation for boiled seafood. The lively colors and three-dimensional accents on the platters are perfect for a spicy crab boil.

This Tika Designs Oval  Seafood Platter is  painted with shrimp, red crab, sliced yellow lemons and Tabasco bottle. It has a raised garlic accent on the blue rim of the plate. This 13.5" oval platter is good size for crabs. Larger platters, assorted serving pieces and dinnerware are available also.

Don't forget these disposable paper trays for seafood boils. These molded fiber trays make serving and clean-up at a crab or seafood boil a breeze.
For these products and more crab themed products, click here!
 Mardi Gras Outlet

July 1, 2010

Fourth of July Feather Boa Wreath

Fourth of July Feather Boa Wreath

Just in time for the Fourth of July is a patriotic fluffy feathered red, white and blue wreath. This sassy wreath is created with a plain round wire wreath form and 2 red,white and blue feather boas.

For pictures of how to create this wreath, scroll down to see supplies needed, photos and detailed directions.
Fourth of July Feather Boa Wreath TutorialSupplies

  • Attach the end of a boa to the outside of the wreath form with a piece of wire. Tuck ends of wire into the frame.

  • Form a loop with the boa and attach a second point to the inside of the wreath form. Alternating between outside and inside of the wreath form, continue attaching the boa around the wire wreath form.

  • When you get to the end of the first feather boa, start the second boa.

  • Continue around the wreath form until you have completely covered the form with the feathers.

  • With the mesh ribbon, make 8 loops of ribbon, as shown. Hold the middle of the loops together with one hand.

  • Using a piece of wire, gather this middle section of the mesh ribbon loops together to form a loose bow shape.

  • Twist the wire closed around the center to keep the bow shape. Leave the wire ends open so you can use these to attach the bow to the wreath form.

  • Fluff the loops open to form a bow shape.

  • Cover the wire in the center of the bow with a piece of ribbon. Knot loosely on the top.

  • Trim the edges of this piece of ribbon to finish off the ends.

  • Attach the bow to the top of the wreath with the wire.
  • Fluff the bow as needed.

  • Gather one of each color red, white and silver star bead. Cut the beads to form a long garland like piece.
  • Attach these to the wreath in two places, creating a swag of sparkly beads across the form.
All that is left to do is attach a small loop on the back to hang your custom wreath. Find a special place for your fluffy wreath and enjoy your patriotic holiday creation!

Mardi Gras Outlet carries a wide variety of feather boas in assorted sizes and colors, so this fluffy feather boa wreath can be created in any color you want. Coordinate the feather boa color for any theme party or make one in Mardi Gras colors for a festive Mardi Gras wreath. Visit Mardi Gras Outlet to see the complete selection of feather boas and the supplies needed to create this wreath.


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