January 6, 2012

Carnival Season is Here! Door Decorating Ideas

Epiphany is today which marks the beginning of Carnival season. Epiphany, or 12th night, is the Christian holiday celebrating the day that the three kings bearing gifts visited baby Jesus.

Epiphany ushers in the Mardi Gras season, which lasts until Mardi Gras day, or Fat Tuesday on February 21st this year. Celebrate the arrival of the carnival season by changing wreath and door entryway decorations over from Christmas to Mardi Gras. Below you will find photographs and ideas to inspire you.

Happy Mardi Gras. Let the fun begin!

This doorway featured above goes all out with Mardi Gras deco mesh, Mardi gras beads, metallic fleur de lis and a custom wreath. Top it all off with a big bow.

Making your own deco mesh garland and wreath gives you big glitz and glam. This decorating theme wraps the whole door way in fun with purple metallic mesh, lime metallic mesh and a custom Mardi Gras wreath. Work wreath forms make creating a custom wreath very simple. Click here to see a list of our easy video tutorials.

Accent the basic deco mesh garland and wreath with foil ribbon, tinsel garland and fun Mardi Gras swirl ornaments.

For a simple garland, drape different types of tinsel garland over the door. Adding multiple garlands, one hung straight and the other swooped, creates more visual interest.

The Traditional symbols of Mardi Gras include fleur de lis, masks, beads, crowns, jesters, feathers and anything glitzy. Any basic wreath can be accented with Mardi Gras items to turn a plain wreath into a carnival wreath. Above a plain grapevine wreath was accented with beads, masks and ribbon.

Use one of these Mardi Gras symbols to add a simple accent to your door. This pair of doors uses simple metallic fleur de lis accents instead of a wreath.

Not feeling crafty? This metallic Mardi Gras ball ornament wreath  looks crafty but is available already assembled for you. Easy and festive, this ball ornament wreath looks great on this darker-colored door.

Coordinate your wreath with accents on the porch and and even your greenery. This home not only decorated the door with a wreath hung low to keep the window clear, but also added a touch of sparkle to the porch light and planter. The metallic Mardi Gras bow on the light is a fun accent. Custom bows are easy to create. See our tutorials for details. Adding festive metallic floral picks into the planter creates a third point of interest around the door.

Here are some links to the supplies used on this porch:
Glitter fleur de lis ornaments, bows and feathery floral sprays work well together for this entryway.

Keep a look out for more Mardi Gras decorating ideas now that Carnival season is here. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

*Supply list for the leading photo:
Mardi Gras Stripe Deco Mesh
Mardi Gras Stripe 4" Ribbon
Glitter Fleur de Lis
Jumbo Mardi Gras Beads
Jester Ornament
Tinsel Wreath

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  1. Wonderful ideas! You could make your doors look more attractive with the help of decorations. You just have to make sure that it would blend well so that there would be balance.



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