The culture of food in Louisiana is as thick and vast as our swamps.  The joy of cooking and eating is an integral part of all of Louisiana's festivals, holidays and parties. Louisiana eating makes every day a celebration! Containing influences from Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, African and Native American cooking, Louisiana meals are diverse and flavorful. Louisiana cuisine draws heavily on combinations such as the "holy trinity" of onion, celery and bell pepper as well as various applications of rice, beans and local surpluses of seafood, citrus and other fruits.

Everyone has an opinion about "real" Cajun or Creole food and the proper way to cook it. In the end, each person's interpretation of these Louisiana foods is unique to their own experience, influenced by family traditions, availability of ingredients and personal taste. Cajun and Creole foods evolved in different Louisiana communities (Cajun was initially more influenced by the French and Creole was based more in European cuisine), but over time these two styles of cooking have evolved into one fantastic genre that will bring you back to the table again and again!

Below are posts on some of our favorite Louisiana Specialties. To demystify traditional Louisiana dishes like jambalaya, etouffee and gumbo that may seem foreign and exotic,  we explore a little food history and share recipes.  Let these ideas inspire you to make Louisiana dishes in your own home!



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