January 25, 2010

Fun Mardi Gras Wreaths for your door!

Looking for some inspiration for your Mardi Gras door decorations? MardiGrasOutlet.com carries a few styles of ready made wreaths in the Mardi Gras colors: purple, green and gold. Instantly decorate your door with one of these wreaths. Add a coordinating garland to the header of your door for a complete look. Feeling crafty? MardiGrasOutlet.com  carries tons of supplies to craft your own one of a kind Mardi Gras wreath.  Here are some pictures to inspire you!

This Berry Ball Wreath and matching garland are elegant. These have a more upscale look with the subdued matte purple, green and gold color. Add a Mardi Gras ribbon bow to the wreath and garland at the corners of the door header for another punch of color.

Don't know how to make a bow? We have a photo tutorial and a video tutorial on how to make bows from poly deco mesh.

If you want to go for true Mardi Gras glamour, choose the Mardi Gras Greenery Wreath with lots of metallic flash. This wreath has sparkly mylar tinsel branches wrapped around it in all three Mardi Gras colors.

Pictured here are two more fun styles of a Mardi Gras wreaths. A creative southern girl's blog Deep Fried Kudzu shows how anyone crafty could assemble these Mardi Gras wreaths. I loved the finished wreaths. I think they are definitely worth the time spent crafting them. Check out this blog http://www.deepfriedkudzu.com/2008/01/mardi-gras-wreath-ornament-wreath.html to see great "how to" pictures for these two Mardi Gras wreaths.

Not feeling crafty today? The ornament wreath can be purchased here. Mardi Gras Outlet also offers a smaller 16 inch version of this wreath.

Any of these Mardi Gras wreaths could be personalized with your own unique style. Add ribbonornaments, beads, garland, masks or floral picks to each wreath for a one of a kind creation. Your options are endless.

2011 Update: 
We took the basic Metallic Mardi Gras Greenery Wreath and transformed it 3 different ways. Click here to see the blog post detailing how we did it!

January 7, 2010

Mardi Gras Christmas Tree

Mardi Gras Christmas Tree

My house always feels so bare once the Christmas tree and decorations are put away. Somehow our home, which seems fine the month before Christmas, is now lacking something.

 Luckily, Carnival season follows quickly behind Christmas. Traditionally it is thought to be bad luck to take down your Christmas tree before Twelfth Night or Epiphany -- that being the day that the "true" Christmas season ends. Since Epiphany is also the beginning of Carnival it makes sense that many people just transition from one holiday to the next here in Louisiana.

At last, an answer to the question of what to fill your bare house with after the holidays...a festive purple, green and gold Mardi Gras tree. I love Carnival and all its metallic wonder! ENJOY!

2011 Update:
MardiGrasOutlet.com now carries a 6.5 foot tall Mardi Gras Tree. Perfect for a sparkling Mardi Gras themed tree!

Looking for the gold Fleur de Lis tree topper? Get it here.

January 6, 2010

Twelfth night rings in a King Cake tradition!

King Cake Tablescape

Epiphany.... Let's eat Cake!

Epiphany, the 12th day after Christmas, celebrates the visit of the three kings or wise men to the Christ Child. It signifies the end of the Christmas season. And ushers in the beginning of the Mardi Gras season which will last until Mardi Gras day, or Fat Tuesday!

For most people around the world, this New Year week signals a time to cut back, reorganize and slim down. But not for us down here in Louisiana. With Lent fast approaching at the end of Carnival Season, we go ahead and pull out all the stops for another few weeks.  In south Louisiana, the tradition of King Cakes begins.  (King Cakes are yummy cinnamon roll-like cakes with icing and sugar on top.) Today starts the cycle of King Cake parties. But be careful while you eat,  there may be a plastic baby in that piece of cake!  The person who receives the piece with the baby -- to symbolize the baby Jesus -- in their piece of cake must bring the next King Cake, or host the next King Cake party. It is a fun tradition that people look forward to all year long. Offices, classrooms and homes around the south are slicing into King Cakes today.

So bring a slice of Mardi Gras home to your city! Bake yourself a King Cake with a King Cake baking mix or order one from a Deep South bakery to be shipped to you. Good times are here! Life is short. Eat Cake. Let the fun begin!
King Cake Mix

If you are having a King Cake party, you can find the King Cake platter pictured at the top at MardiGrasOutlet.com.

2011 Update:
New! Check out this adorable King Cake necklace, perfect for an inexpensive party favor for Mardi Gras or King Cake parties.

Also, we also made some tasty King Cake cupcakes! Click here to see directions on how to make these. They are very simple to make.


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