October 25, 2011

Candy Cane Door Decoration with Deco Mesh: A Tutorial

Christmas Candy Cane Deco Poly Mesh

Christmas and candy canes go hand in hand. These sugary sweet candy cane door decorations made with  poly deco mesh and a candy cane work form are perfect for the holidays. Even Mrs. Claus would approve!

Candy Cane Wreath Poly Deco MeshCandy Cane Bow Christmas Decorating Ideas

Here is the tutorial for creating on of these fun candy cane door decorations. We made two versions of the candy cane.


21" Red/White Stripe deco mesh  (1 10 yd roll)
30" Work White Candy Cane form (1)

*Optional Bow: 2.5" Red Poly Mesh Ribbon and Metallic Red Deco Flex Tubing Ribbon

*Optional Bow: 2.5" Metallic Green ribbon,  4" Metallic Moss/Lime Ribbon, Craft Wire

Bunch the mesh into one hand, folding as you gather. Place the bunched mesh into the very bottom set of tinsel covered wire ties. Notice how we left the end facing inward (second photo) so that the frayed end will not be hanging out. Twist the ties firmly to secure the mesh.

Gather about a 9 inch length of mesh and secure into the next set of wire ties on the right. Now fold the mesh back and over and secure to the bottom left set of wire ties. The mesh should cover the wire ties on the right. 

Continue this way all the way up the work form. Go back and forth and remember to fold the mesh   over to the opposite set of wire ties, covering the previous set.

When you reach the top end of the work form, attach the mesh to the end set of ties. Fold the mesh back over and secure to the right set of ties. Trim the mesh with about 10" left. Fold over and attach the end of the mesh to the end set of ties. This way, the trimmed end of the mesh is hidden underneath the last puff.

Now you can add your own Christmas flair! For our white candy cane, we made a red layered bow out of 2.5" ribbon and deco flex tubing.

You can also use 10 inch deco mesh or even a combination of 2.5" and 4" deco mesh ribbon to make a Christmas bow. Click here for our easy bow tutorial.

The red candy cane needs one extra step. Using the 4" white/iridescent ribbon, secure the end of the ribbon to the bottom first set of wire ties. The ribbon end should be hidden by the bottom puff. Next, bring the ribbon back over the front of the candy cane.

Continue around the back. Secure the ribbon to a set of wire ties every time it goes around the back. You should be working your way up the candy cane at a slight diagonal. Leave about 4" of space between each stripe.

Green Christmas Bow Candy Cane

For a green color accent, we made a bow using  2.5" Metallic Green ribbon,  4" Metallic Moss/Lime Ribbon, and Craft Wire.

You can follow the steps used our bow tutorial. The only difference is that you should hold the 2.5" and 4" ribbon flat together as you form loops. Also, spread apart the loops when you finish to make a fuller-looking bow.
Deco mesh comes in many colors, patterns and sizes so that you can customize your Christmas decorations.

For a complete selection of poly deco mesh, ribbon and work wreath forms, 

For other ideas and tutorials using deco mesh and work wreath forms, 
take a look at our videos
or browse through our previous blog posts.

Candy Cane Door Decoration Christmas

Candy Cane Door Decoration Deco Mesh


  1. I love these wreaths. They are beautiful!!!!

  2. I have made 4 of these before seeing this. I did not cover/hide the ties but rather let them show as part of the beauty of the cane. Thanks for the lesson.

  3. Where did u get the tinsel wire. Michaels or Moore s did not have it. They are beautiful pls let me know nancy at centralva dot net thank you IA

    1. Hi Nancy!
      At the top of the post there are 2 paragraphs with supplies for both styles of candy canes. You can click on the colored text areas, they will send you directly to the supplies we used in the tutorial.

      We did not use tinsel rope in this craft project, because we had wreath forms that already had tinsel ties on them. However if you are interested in purchasing tinsel rope, here is a link to our store that has a myriad of colors!

      Thanks for your question and post!
      Please don't hesitate to let us know if you need any more help, you can reach us at info@mardigrasoutlet.com



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