January 11, 2012

Making a Valentine Heart Wreath with Deco Mesh

Making Valentine Heart Wreath Deco Mesh Idea

Meet your sweet heart at the front door with this cute heart wreath! Celebrate Valentine's day by creating this deco mesh heart shaped wreath made with a new technique using the deco mesh curls. These deco mesh curls are very easy to fall for! You will see how easy it is to make in this step-by-step DIY tutorial.
Pliers/Wire Cutters

All of the supplies you need can be found at Mardi Gras Outlet.com.

STEP 1: Bend the Wreath Form
Take the 20-inch round box wire wreath form and bend into a heart shape. This step takes some elbow grease, so use a strong person if there is one around.

An alternative is to use 2 wire coat hangers. Bend both into a heart shape, and then wrap them together with craft wire. This makes it sturdier and wider so that your deco mesh curls will stay put.

STEP 2: Cut the Deco Mesh
Make the curls by cutting pieces of deco mesh that are about 9-inches wide. Deco mesh curls naturally, so an easy way to measure is to let it curl for 1 loop, and then trim (see above photograph). You need about 20 pieces, which uses up most of the roll.

STEP 3: Cut in Half
Cut all of the curls in half except for 1 piece.

STEP 4: Cut Wire
Cut around 20 pieces of red craft wire. They should each be about 10 to 12 inches long.
STEP 5: Tie Curls
Roll a curl tightly, and hold together in one hand with a second tight curl. Use a piece of craft wire to secure them together at the cut end. Leave a few inches of extra wire hanging out.

For a more even-looking wreath, make sure the pair of curls are close together and pointing in the same direction. Notice that the wire doesn't bunch the curls, but holds the ends together flatly.
STEP 5: Attach to Wreath Form
Begin at the bottom left side and secure the curls to the wire wreath form, using the extra loose craft wire. The curls should be pointing down and to the right. Attach a second pair a few inches above the first. The curls should point down and cover where you secured the first pair. 
STEP 6: Fill the Wreath Form
Continue attaching the curls until you reach the top center of the heart. Now fill in the other half by starting at the bottom right in the same way.

STEP 7: Cover the Top Center
Once you have filled in the wreath, you'll probably notice some exposed ends at the top center. Remember the one curl you didn't cut in half? Use that and an extra long piece of craft wire to cover it. Attach by centering the curl and tying it only at the middle to the wreath form.

STEP 8: Add Accents
Using wire cutters, cut about 8 pieces of fuchsia glamour rope that are about 10-inches long. Glamour rope is a type of glitter wire that you can bend into shapes. Bend the ends of them into heart shapes and curls with pliers.

Attach to the box wire wreath form by wrapping the other end tightly. Leave space between the glamour rope accents.

You're finished!
Deco mesh and glamour rope come in many colors and finishes like metallic, wide foil and patterns. We think this style of wreath would look great in not only in burgundy, but also in wide foil red, hot pink, metallic pink or white/red stripes. It depends on your personal preference and what best matches your decor.

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Happy Crafting & Happy Valentine's Day!

Deco Mesh Valentine's Day Heart Wreath How to Tutorial

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  1. I think this wreath is so dreamy!!! Sas.

  2. Every time I try to make a deco mesh wreath the wire wreath form shows through. I am trying to make silver and white but can't get the form not to show up. Is there a trick to hiding the form?

    1. I would use the new tinsel wire forms. I prefer these because the wire ties are smaller and less obtrusive. After your wreath is complete and all your accents are added, bend the wire ties back into the wreath form. This helps to hide them!

    2. It depends on what type of form you are using. If you are using a regular green wire wreath form, paint it the color of the mesh you're using. That tends to help a lot!


  3. Love it, I got some of the smaller and I was wondering how you cut it, etc. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the question- You simply make a cut up the middle of the mesh roll, (vertically, so that instead of 21" wide length of mesh you have 2 pieces that are 10.5" across). You can also use a 10" mesh, we have many colors available here,




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