April 30, 2012

DIY Red Burlap Ribbon Wreath

diy burlap wreath tutorial
Natural burlap ribbon offers great texture and color--perfect for creating a fun wreath for the summer. This basic everyday burlap ribbon wreath can be transformed into a themed wreath for special events.  Our photo tutorial featured here shows you how to make this basic red burlap ribbon wreath using a Twig-works wreath form.  With some simple additions this wreath is transformed for a summer crab boil, Cajun crawfish boil, Memorial Day, the 4th of July or anything else you can imagine.

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The supplies for this basic burlap ribbon wreath will be about $18. The added decorative accents shown below in the crab, crawfish and patriotic themed wreaths would be additional.

Twig-works wreath forms are covered in a natural moss-like texture and have pre-attached wire ties, making it easy and quick to create your own wreaths.

Form a loop at the end of the red burlap ribbon. This burlap ribbon has wired edges, making it easy for the loops to hold a full shape.
Bunch the loop into one hand, and then twist the ribbon once.

Form another loop, gather it into that hand, and then twist the ribbon once.

Repeat and continue going back and forth to make 3 more loops to form a bow.

Use a pair of wire ties on the twig-works wreath form to secure the bow to the wreath. Twist the ties through the loops that you have been holding.

Without cutting the burlap ribbon, form another bow a length down the ribbon. Make 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 loops before attaching the bow to another set of wire ties. The more loops you make for each bow, the fuller the wreath will look.

Repeat and go in a zig-zig pattern all the way around the wreath, going back and forth from wire ties on the inner ring to the outer ring.

burlap ribbon wreath tutorial
This wreath form will use most of the roll of ribbon. As you attach each bow, fluff the loops out.

red burlap ribbon wreath diy how to tutorial christmas valentine's day
Once you have filled the entire wreath, trim the excess ribbon. Keep scrolling down for ideas on creating different types of theme wreaths for summer parties and patriotic door decorations!
fireworks patriotic usa memorial day 4th fourth july deco mesh ribbon burlap red wreath
Make a patriotic wreath for the Fourth of July by adding easy DIY pom pom fireworks. CLICK HERE to see our tutorial on how to make these fun fireworks puffs with deco flex tubing ribbon.

memorial day wreath ideas how to burlap deco mesh patriotic
This red, white and blue wreath is perfect for Memorial Day or the 4th of July. The red burlap ribbon wreath was accented with cream burlap ribbon and royal blue Mardi Gras Beads.

crab boil shack nautical wreath burlap idea
Summer is the perfect time for crab boils. This crab themed wreath is accented with Jute Window-Pane Ribbon  and crab picks. Attach the crab picks to the wreath using the same wire ties used to attach the ribbon.

crab boil decorations wreath door fish netting red burlap making
Using the same crab picks, you can create a different version of a crab wreath with natural-tone fish netting. Attach the netting to the wire ties by going back and forth across the front of the wreath, as opposed to going around the wreath like the jute ribbon. Leave some slack and then open up the netting. Click here for other types of crab party decorations and supplies.

crawfish boil cajun louisiana wreath spanish moss netting red burlap wreath
Need a crawfish boil wreath idea? Instead of adding crabs, try these red plastic crawfish and bunches of decorative Spanish moss.  For a variety of different crawfish boil party decorations, click HERE

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