April 2, 2012

Crawfish Balloon Centerpiece Tutorial

Easy to create and inexpensive, these Do-It-Yourself crawfish balloon centerpieces are the perfect idea for decorating a crawfish boil. These festive red crawfish balloon centerpieces will work well indoors or out with the multiple tables needed for a traditional crawfish boil. This centerpiece can also work for a lobster party. Using air filled (versus helium) balloons in the centerpiece, allows you to make the decorations days in advance and saves you money.

Here is how to create these festive red crawfish balloon centerpieces.

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Spanish Moss
Plastic Crawfish

This centerpiece can be put together in less than 30 minutes.  The supplies cost approximately $6.25  for each centerpiece.

Cut the red mylar tissue in half and layer 2 together. Cut the floral foam in half with scissors. Center the square of floral foam in the middle of the tissue sheets.

Lift up the mylar tissue sheeting and bunch it over the top of the floral foam. Cut a short piece of metallic red deco flex tubing ribbon and tie it around the tissue to secure. This is the centerpiece base.

Make a bow with the deco flex tubing ribbon. First, form a loop and hold it in one hand. Form a second loop, and keep going back and forth until there are 10 loops total. 

While still holding the loops in one hand, use the ribbon that holds the tissue sheeting together to secure the bow to the centerpiece base. Pull out and fluff the loops.

Inflate the 4, 5" red latex balloons and the Crawfish Latex Balloon and tie the necks in a knot. This air balloon hand pump inflator makes it easy to inflate the balloons. 

Stick/Cup sets are an easy way to create balloon centerpieces without helium balloons. Thread the air filled crawfish balloon knot through the plastic cup to secure the balloon. The balloon should stand up in the cup. Insert the stick into the base of the cup. 

Insert the end of the stick through the center of the mylar tissue sheets into the center of the floral foam  so that the balloon is in the center.

Twist the knotted ends of two air filled  5" balloons together, and then twist again around the balloon stick to secure. Twist the last two 5" balloons together and then twist them around the stick.
Add loops of deco flex tubing betwenn the 5" balloons for added sparkle.

Set your tables with newspaper or our new crawfish printed newspaper. Scatter real spanish moss and plastic crawfish around the base of the centerpiece for a complete crawfish boil centerpiece.

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