May 8, 2012

DIY Patriotic Fireworks Centerpiece

fireworks centerpiece
Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are just around the corner, so set the stage to celebrate with a crafty DIY fireworks centerpiece! This red, white and blue table decoration is an easy and safe way to add fireworks to an outdoor party or barbecue. To see how to make it, keep scrolling for our tutorial which uses deco flex tubing ribbon.

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This centerpiece takes less than 1 hour to make. These products cost aproximately $30 with product left over to make additional centerpieces or decorations.

fireworks centerpiece base
STEP 1: Make the Base 
The clear plastic centerpiece base plate and column come separately, so you will have to insert the column into the base. Before filling the column, tape the underside of the base to keep the beads from falling out through the center hole.

With the red, white and blue Mardi Gras beads, layer in each color of beads to fill the centerpiece column. You may have to cut some strands to make the bead layer evenly. 

STEP 2: Make the Fireworks Puffs 
Gather the ends of the red, white and blue deco flex ribbon and hold in one hand.

Make a loop with all three colors at once and hold in the same hand. The loop should be about the same length as the loose ends of the ribbon. Form another loop with all three colors. Keep making loops, going back and forth about 8 to 10 times, holding them in one hand.

*This fireworks puff is about 4-inches wide, but we made a variety of sizes for the centerpiece, from only 2-inches wide to about 10-inches.

Now cut a short length of tubing and tie tightly around the center of the loops, where you have been holding. 

Cut the end of each loop you made on both sides.

It should look like this once you have cut all of the loops. Fluff out the puff to make it look rounder.

STEP 3: Attach Wire 
Cut a 12"-18" length of aluminum craft wire and twist one end around the fireworks puff.

Cut a piece of white deco flex tubing ribbon and insert the wire through the middle of the tube, to hide the wire. The ribbon should be about the same length as the wire.

fireworks decorations diy ideas sprays how to make
STEP 4: Make more puffs 
This centerpiece has 7 fireworks. Each puff has different color combinations and are different sizes to give variation to the centerpiece. 

fireworks memorial day fourth 4th july patriotic centerpiece party decorations ideas deco flex tubing ribbon

STEP 5: Insert into the centerpiece base 
Now you can stick the wire ends into the column. As you add each firework, turn the centerpiece to make sure it looks good from all angles.

For the two taller and larger fireworks, insert the wire into the sturdier plastic balloon sticks instead of the deco flex tubing.

fourth 4th july usa fireworks centerpiece "red white blue" patriotic tutorial diy how to make making
You could also use these fireworks individually. Fill a mason jar with sand, and insert one fireworks spray. Make several of these to decorate longer tables or dessert bars.

The same fireworks spray was used to make this red, white and blue wreath. Click here to see the tutorial on how to make the burlap ribbon wreath. 

We hope you have a safe and memorable
Memorial Day celebration!

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