February 16, 2012

Mardi Gras Glitter Leaf Wreath: Three Different Ways

Transform a simple Mardi Gras glitter leaf wreath into your own personalized Mardi Gras door decoration. A year ago, we posted about how to create three different looks with one basic Mardi Gras tinsel wreath from (click here to see the post). For 2012, we wanted to do the same concept with a new style of wreath form. This basic Glitter Leaf Wreath was easily updated with inexpensive Mardi Gras accents: lime green deco meshMardi Gras ribbon and a glitter wall sign.
available at Mardi Gras Outlet.com

Option 1: Mardi Gras Sign

All of the supplies can be purchased at www.mardigrasoutlet.com, for about $34.

This first Mardi Gras wreath version uses a Mardi Gras sign and bow. You will need to use craft wire to attach both decorative accents.
First, attach the Mardi Gras sign at the bottom right of the wreath at a slight angle. Secure it on both sides with craft wire to the glitter leaf wreath form.
Use the Mardi Gras Stripe Ribbon to make a bow. Form a loop and hold in one hand. Form another loop on the opposite side and hold them in the same hand at the middle. Continue going back and forth until there are 4 loops on each side. Now cut 2, 30" long strips of ribbon and one shorter piece. Use the short length to attach the tails at the middle to the place you have been holding the loops.
Attach the bow with craft wire to the left side of the wreath.
For more detailed directions on how to make a similar bow, click here.
Option 2: Deco Mesh
Scissors, Wire Cutters

This Mardi Gras wreath version uses 10" wide poly deco mesh ribbon to add volume to the wreath. There should be enough deco mesh on the roll to fill in the wreath and to make a big bow. The supplies needed for this wreath will be about $26.
Open up and fluff the Glitter Leaf Wreath so that you can easily reach the brown wreath frame.
Cut about 10 pieces of craft wire that are 10"-12" long.
Cut approximately 16 pieces of the deco mesh. Each piece should be square, measuring about 10"x10".
Form the deco mesh sprays that you will eventually attach to the wreath frame. With a piece of mesh placed curl side up, pinch the very center and bunch it together. Make another and group the two together.
Use the craft wire to secure the deco mesh spray you created to the wreath frame, in between two branches. The mesh should be pointing in the same direction as the wreath's branches. Wrap the wire tightly and securely.
Repeat for each space between the branches, continuing all the way around the wreath.
Using the rest of the deco mesh roll, make a bow and attach it with craft wire at the bottom center of the wreath. For exact directions on how to make a bow with 10-inch deco mesh, CLICK HERE for our previous blog post tutorial on making a bow with 10" deco mesh.
Option 3: Bow and Ribbon

This version will cost about $25 in supplies from www.mardigrasoutlet.com.

First, form the bow. This bow was made the same way as the first version of the wreath, except there are 10 loops total. Tie the bow with craft wire, and pull and fluff out the loops. Cut a long tail, about  6 feet long, and attach at its center to the back of the bow.

Place the bow at the top of the wreath, and simply loop the ribbon tails all the way around the Glitter Leaf wreath.
One basic glitter leaf wreath transformed into three different wreaths.

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  1. These are beyond the imagination.....
    thanks for sharing, now we can make mardi gras garland at home.



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