December 10, 2011

Gift Wrap Ideas with Decorative Wire: Monograms & Stars

Decorative wire monograms and tinsel shapes are a fun way to transform Christmas and holiday gift wrapping from plain to festive. If you are looking for a creative way to wrap your gifts without a traditional bow, these wire accents are a good option. In this tutorial, you will learn the simple steps for transforming pipe cleaners and wired rope into star shapes and monogram letters, perfect for decorating presents.

In the south, we love monograms.  We have found a new place to put our favorite letters- on a gift. Here is how to create this monogrammed gift:

Monogram Gift Wrap Supplies: 
Metallic Tissue or solid colored gift wrap
Wired Glamour Rope (a bendable glittered wire that comes in assorted colors)
White string or ribbon
Pliers/wire cutters                                                                                       

First, wrap the present in metallic tissue or solid colored wrapping paper. Tie string or ribbon around the present as shown. 

To make the letter, cut a short length (about 5 in.) of glamour rope with wire cutters. Glamour rope is a type of  glittered decorative rope that has a wire at the center so it can be shaped and curled. You can find more information on glamour rope, here

With needle nose pliers, bend the glamour rope into the shape of  the letter you want. Curl the ends of the letter to make the shape more whimsical. Look to your favorite fonts for inspiration on the shape of the letter.

Option: colored Aluminum wire will work well for forming letters as well.

Attach the wire monogram letter to the gift with a glue dot or by tying into the ribbon wrapped around the present.

These festive monogram letters make fun gift tags for your presents.

Metallic tinsel pipe cleaners are perfect for creating fun shapes like these three different stars. But don't limit yourself to the stars. This idea will work for any simple shape you like. Here is how to create these shapes:

Star Burst Gift Bag Supplies: 
Scrap cardboard
Gift Bag and Metallic Gold Tissue
Scissors & Pencil 

A glitzy star accents are a great way to spice up a plain brown gift bag. 

To make this open five-pointed star, fold a pipe cleaner four times. This way there are 5 lengths between the folds. Using each bent corner as the star tips, fold the pipe cleaner into a star shape. Twist the two ends to hold the star together. 
To make this second star, start with three pipe cleaners. Twist at the middle to hold them together. Bend each length into thirds, so that it goes over the center and back around to the point. Twist the end a little at each point. For five points, twist one length around another point.

For this solid star, you will need some scrap cardboard. Draw a star on the cardboard and cut out the shape. Now, wrap the star with pipe cleaners. We used about three pipe cleaners for each star. Make sure you cover all of the cardboard by wrapping around each tip. Leave ends tucked in at the back. With this technique, you can cut out any shape you want from the cardboard, so be creative and experiment!

Now you can attach each tinsel star to its own pipe cleaner.

Finally, attach the group to one of the gift bag handles.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas 
from Mardi Gras Outlet!

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