December 16, 2011

Cloisonne Louisiana Ornaments for Christmas

 Decorating your home and Christmas tree are all part of the holiday fun!

However, plain Christmas ornaments just aren't personalized enough for our Louisiana and Cajun loving tastes. So, we have found festive and collectable cloisonne ornaments with a Louisiana theme for our tree. Cloisonne ornaments are great gift ideas if you are looking for something special and unique.

They aren't just for the Christmas tree, but make great keepsakes as well. These beautifully detailed Louisiana, Baton Rouge and New Orleans ornaments are genuine handmade cloisonne.

Cloisonne is a process that allows for bright colors and intricate designs, making them very collectable. Copper is formed for the main shape, and a design is formed by copper filaments that create small compartments (cloisons). These are filled with several layers of enamel that are then fired in a kiln. When this is done, the ornament is polished down until the cloisons are exposed. As a last step, the exposed edges of copper are electroplated with 24 karat gold for extra sparkle.

We love this round ball ornament featuring Baton Rouge, Louisiana! It has fleur de lis, pelicans, crawfish and cypress trees all the way around on a blue background.

This New Orleans ornament has colorful river boats, St. Louis Cathedral, crawfish, and Bourbon street signs. Perfect for those who love NOLA!

All of these ornaments and even more designs are available at Mardi Gras

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