August 4, 2010

Share your creations and party ideas with us!

Beaded Art Car
What an amazing creation!

This art car, The Intergalactic, won first place at Houston Art Car Parade. The car was decorated with   (7) seven cases of  assorted styles of Mardi Gras beads purchased from Mardi Gras Outlet . Mardi Gras beads cover the entire car as well as the large sun on the top.

Thank you to  L. Roca an Art Teacher  in Houston, Texas for sumbitting this to Mardi Gras Outlet.

We would love to see your creative ideas for our any of our products. Send us party decorations, craft projects, or pictures with our costumes! If you would like to share photos, videos or ideas, please email them to us at We may feature them here on our Idea Blog, at Mardi Gras or on our Mardi Gras Outlet Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing all your creative ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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  1. That is a cool looking car. Good post corrie.



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