August 1, 2010

Hand-Embroidered Crawfish(Lobster) Linens!

crawfish/lobster guest towelBeautiful hand-embroidered linens featuring red crawfish just arrived! What we are calling crawfish is probably more likely a lobster (since people outside of Louisiana don't really spotlight crawfish.) So these linens would be great for a lobster boil, too!

crawfish/lobster apronThe crawfish/lobster motif is available on a pretty cotton guest towel or a white linen apron. The details in this embroidery are amazing. The linen apron has three embroidered crawfish and a large pocket on the front. The embroidered guest towels could also be used for large dinner napkins.

Whether you are using them as a crawfish or a lobster, these linens are unique and festive! To see more crawfish/lobster themed party supplies, check out the Cajun and Louisiana supplies at Mardi Gras Outlet. ENJOY!

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