August 12, 2010

Authentic Cajun and Creole Foods

To create a true Louisiana experience, you have to incorporate Cajun or Creole food. So Mardi Gras Outlet has expanding our selection of Louisiana products to include a larger variety of food and drink mixes. Now your experience of Louisiana at home can be close to the one you have right here in Louisiana. Bring that Creole taste home with any of our simple mixes for Louisiana favorites.

A trip to south Louisiana is not complete with out sampling a few of our favorite unique dishes. Recently a special French family came to visit us here in South Louisiana. Of course, we served them the requisite crawfish, crab and shrimp but we added in boudin balls, gumbo and bread pudding to complete the meal. It got me thinking about how fun and unique it is to live in a place so rich with food culture and history.

All the new food products we offer are mainstay meals in Louisiana, but the some of the funny names may sound unusual and exotic to someone from outside the Louisiana culture. For posts on Louisiana Foods, see our Louisiana Foods page where we explain a few of these exotic dishes, offer a little history and show you how the food mixes look when you prepared at home. I hope it will inspire you to bring a little piece of Louisiana to your kitchen.

We also made some beignets with Cafe Du Monde's Beignet mix. Click here to see this new blog post.

Here are a few of the new food items offered at Mardi Gras Outlet in our Louisiana/Cajun products. See the Food and Drink Mixes page at Mardi Gras Outlet for a complete listing of all the products available.

Cajun Creole Food Products

Pirogue Basket with Louisiana Food Products
I love the pretty graphic presentation of these food products. Create a Louisiana themed centerpiece with these printed food boxes, bags and tins. I envision the striking color combination created with the bright yellow CafĂ© du Monde tins piled on a table. Use these empty tin coffee containers for flowers, cutlery or to serve beignets. Just like the table shown in our crawfish boil table-scape post, a table centerpiece of  Cajun and Creole food products piled in baskets or pirogues creates a festive Cajun table-scape that is both practical and pretty!

Bon Appetite!
Better start cooking…I plan to!

Photo Beignets: Fork Lift
Photo Cafe du monde coffee tin: Cinco Drive

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