October 6, 2011

Create a Cat Mask as featured on Martha Stewart

Masks and Halloween go hand in hand. Be crafty and try making your own purrrfect cat mask! All you need are a basic unpainted cat mask, crepe paper, black acrylic paint and glue.

Click here for Martha Stewart's tutorial and video on how decorate this cat mask. She provides a template for cutting out the different crepe-paper shapes. MardiGrasOutlet.com offers this paper mache mask that is used in Martha Stewart's project. It has a smooth matte surface perfect for paint and gluing. The mask is available here.

Martha also transformed the unpainted paper mache eye mask and the casanova mask into an owl and bird mask using crepe-paper techniques. 

Go here to learn how to create an adorable owl mask.
The unpainted paper mache eye mask she uses is available here.

Click here for Martha's instructions on making a bird mask.
For this project, she used the paper mache casanova mask, available here.

Happy Crafting & Happy Halloween!

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