June 1, 2011

Lobster Themed Party Ideas

On the hunt for lobster party ideas or decorations? A few simple items can make your New England clambake, lobster boil or seafood celebration a fun and memorable event.

Before the party even begins, start off the theme with lobster and seafood invitations. New England clambakes have a long history; pictured above is a clambake from a 1964 Life magazine.

Continue the lobster theme to the table settings and the decor with some lobster claw food picks, seafood cracker and a pewter casserole dish. Lobster wall decor and hangings can activate the dining area atmosphere even further. Pair these with a simple color palette of navy blue, white and accents of yellow for a fantastic design.

At the end of your party, leave your guests with a themed lobster party favor to take home. A lobster bottle opener, plush toy or a unique lobster-shaped soap are all adorable gifts that guests will love.

You can find even more lobster themed items for your party by visiting MardiGrasOutlet.com.

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