June 20, 2011

Crafts for Kids: Masquerade Masks

Crafts for Kids: Masquerade Masks

For a great kids craft project, create personalized masquerade masks. Kids love creating  masks that they can play dress up in or wear at a party.  Create masks during the party as a party craft or create them in advance and decorate for the party with the custom creations. Coordinate the mask and accents to the color scheme and theme of your particular party.

Making a mask is a fun activity for a Mardi Gras party, but it does not have to be limited to a Mardi Gras theme. This craft could be great for all different types of parties.

Martha Stewarts Owl Mask Here are some ideas:
 Sweet sixteen or Quinceañeras masquerade masks
Masked superhero birthday bash
Bug masks for an insect party
Monster or Wild Things masks
Favorite childrens book characters
Animal masks: cow, duck, pig, etc. 
 Bird , Owl  or Cat
(Martha Stewart created these with our plain paper mache masks. Click the links above to see how.)

Sample Supplies:
Masquearade Mask Supplies

Start with a basic  paper mache masks or fabric masks and  festive decorations like gems, glitter, feathers, confetti, ribbon or mardi gras beads.

Decorating the Masquerade Mask

paper mache mask allows children to color, paint or use markers. They could also cover the mask in fabric or decorative paper (attach either with spray adhesive or fabric glue). Using markers allows them to keep decorating with out any down time. With paint or glue, allow time for the mask to dry before you move on to adding accents.

They can glue on feathers or ribbon.

Accent with sparkly glitter balls

Mardi Gras confettiFaux Mardi Gras Jewels

or confetti  and  faux jewels

Mardi Gras beads make great accents. Use strands of standard throw beads to add definition or outline shapes. Here the eyes of the mask are outlined in metallic gold beads.

The finished masquerade mask creation!

Proudly modeling her mask creation!
Gold Lame Cat Eye MaskRed Paper Mache MaskPaper mache cat mask
There are lots mask shapes, styles and colors available. To see the full selection of masks you can decorate,  click here: MASKS

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