December 9, 2012

DIY Holiday Burlap Tree created with a Tomato Cage

Tutorial for a burlap holiday tree decoration created with a tomato cage

Simple supplies combine to create a precious holiday decoration- a lime green Burlap Christmas Tree! A standard wire tomato cage, craft wire and 9" wide burlap ribbon are all you need to make this pretty ruffled Christmas tree. Spurred by the popularity of our previous post on using a tomato cage and deco mesh ribbon to make a Christmas tree decoration (click here to see it), we created another version with a great new natural burlap texture in a lime green color.  Festive, fun and fresh!  Keep reading to see how simple it is to make your own burlap Christmas Tree for the holidays.

Supplies used to make a ruffled burlap Christmas tree decoration


To purchase these products from, click on the individual product link below or click HERE for a complete supply list.
Scissors and/or Wire Cutters
Wire tomato cage 

Optional Accents:
Candy Striped Christmas Balls Spray


Our 4' tree took approximately half a roll of 9" burlap ribbon. The total cost of the basic supplies is approximately $14 with materials left over. This does not include accents such as the ribbon and floral sprays or the cost of the tomato cage.  This burlap Christmas Tree takes about 20 minutes to make.

Cut craft wire into short pieces

Step 1

Cut short lengths of the aluminum craft wire, approximately 6 inches long.

Weave craft wire in and out of the top of the burlap ribbon

Step 2

Weave the aluminum wire in and out of the ribbon about 1inch apart just below the top edge of the burlap. This is similar to how you gather or pleat fabric with thread.

Gather ribbon into the wire tie and attach to the form

Step 3

Push to fabric together into the center of the piece of wire. Tightly twist the wire ends together, this will cause the burlap to bunch, creating a pleated effect. We start with the tomato cage wrapped in white lights. To see our previous tutorial for how to wrap the lights on the cage, click HERE. With the light wrapped tomato cage set upside down, begin to layer on the burlap ribbon. Start about 9" up on the cage so the burlap ribbon brushes the ground. Use the wire tie to attach the ribbon onto the form around first ring.  

Continue this process around the tomato cage

Step 4

Move down the roll of ribbon about 6-8 inches and repeat Step 1. Weave in and out another piece of craft wire that will become a tie for the ribbon. Continue around the first level of the cage, attaching the gathered ribbon. 

At the end of the first layer, trim burlap ribbon.

Step 5

Once you have reached the beginning of your first tier, allow for a few inches of overlap and trim the burlap. Add this cut edge back into your first tie for finished look

Continue process on the next layer- about 8" up the wire form.

Step 6

Begin the second tier about 8" up on the tomato cage, just enough length to hide the top wires of the previous layer. Repeat steps 1-5 for this layer.
Note: With the size tomato cage we used this layer fell at next ring. This may or may not be the case for you, depending on the size of the tomato cage you use. Tomato cages vary widely with height and width.

Keep ruffling burlap ribbon and filling in the tomato cage form.

Step 7

Continue moving upwards on the tomato cage filling in layers. 

Top of the tomato cage shows after the last layer of burlap.
Once you've reached the top of the tomato cage you'll need to add a final layer of burlap to cover the remaining wire legs of the tomato cage.
Wrap the remaining top with gathered burlap to finish it off.

Step 8

Cut a piece of the burlap ribbon about 12 inches wide.  Bunching from each side, gather the burlap in your hands. Hold it at the center, and wrap it around the top of the tree.  It should look gathered to match the other layers of burlap. Tie this piece onto the top of the form as shown with the aluminum craft wire or matching rope.

Our finished ruffled burlap Christmas Tree
The finished tree! 

Add a cute red and white striped bow for a whimsical color pop!
Precious burlap tree with a basic red and white striped ribbon bow added to the top.

Sparkly candy striped balls and a striped bow on our ruffled burlap Christmas tree.

 Red and white peppermint glitter balls from a Christmas floral spray make the burlap tree even more fun and festive.

Our ruffled burlap Christmas tree lit up with white twinkle lights.

With or without lights, this Burlap Christmas Tree is adorable!  

Happy Holidays!

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