July 10, 2011

Mardi Gras Wedding Theme

Choosing a Mardi Gras theme for your wedding brings a fun party atmosphere of jazz, music, good food, great times and the mantra of "laissez les bon temps rouler" to your event. Don't think that it has to be over the top, or that you have to be in New Orleans to have this unique theme. Small touches of Mardi Gras for the reception, decor, favors, invitations, cake and food all add up to make for a memorable Mardi Gras event.
(photo: bicoastalbrideblog.com)

Purples, greens and golds are the traditional Mardi Gras colors. Masks, fleur de lis, crowns and jesters are common symbols. Set the tone by choosing a wedding invitation with these colors or themes. You can find a big selection of Mardi Gras invitations ranging from traditional to modern here.

(photo: theknot.com)

Incorporating a Mardi Gras theme into your bridal party attire is easy. Mardi Gras masquerade masks add a festive touch and come in a huge variety of shapes and colors. The bridal party can carry feather masks and wear purple and green like this sophisticated group pictured below. The bride stays traditional in white and wears a white or silver mask like this one.

Another great Mardi Gras tradition is the second line parade, which you can read more about  here. The wedding pictured here has a real brass band marching with the wedding party to the reception. The bride carries a lace parasol which you can find at this site. How fun to parade into the reception hall, tossing Mardi Gras beads to guests!
          (photo: theknot.com) 

At the reception continue the Mardi Gras theme by serving spicy entrees such as gumbo, jambalaya and crawfish etouffee. Check out our selection of  Louisiana food and drink mixes for more Cajun dishes or see our Louisiana recipes page for ideas.

Serve your guests some Louisiana favorites such as beignets, pralines or king cake. Instead of a typical groom's cake, serve Mardi Gras king cakes. This is a great way to bring in a Mardi Gras theme while keeping a traditional wedding cake. Coordinate the wedding cake with your Mardi Gras theme. The beautiful wedding cake seen below, is decorated with a harlequin diamond pattern, beaded details and masquerade masks. End your meal with a champagne toast to the new couple in these beautiful fleur de lis toasting glasses! Find them at this site.

           (photos: theperfectdetailsblog,blog.mardigrasoutlet.com)

Carry the Mardi Gras theme throughout the decorations and centerpieces. Below are a range of ideas. 
Clockwise from top left: A rich table-scape theme with purple table cloths, gold napkins and  venetian masks; learn how to make this beautiful centerpiece here; a simple and clean table-scape using beads and floral sprays; throw beads; a d.i.y. floral centerpiece with submersible aqua-lights; and easy decorating with sprinkled doubloons and a jester mask as favors for the guests.

       (photos: joelatter.com, theknot.com, theperfectdetailsblog,blog.mardigrasoutlet.com.)

Browse this blog for more Mardi Gras decorating tips and ideas, and visit Mardi Gras Outlet for the products you have seen here plus many more!

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