May 17, 2011

Create a Crawfish Balloon Decoration

What's hot right now in Louisiana- Crawfish Boils! It is the perfect way to celebrate a graduation, engagement or birthday!  Create your own crawfish decorations out of inexpensive air-filled red latex balloons in two sizes. This creative crawfish balloon decoration is quick and easy to make.
Graduation crawfish balloon

Paper graduation cap
Customize your crawfish balloon creation with added accessories fit for your theme. Add a veil and tiny top hat to two crawfish for a bride/groom pair or a festive party hat for a birthday crawfish boil.

 Attach a small mortar board/graduation cap for a graduation party. This crawfish sized graduation cap was easily created out of black construction paper.

Crawfish Balloon supplies
one (1) red 12" latex balloon
seven (7) red 5" balloons
red pipe cleaner
2 googly eyes
double stick tape
balloon air pump (optional)
black marker (optional)

Basic supplies and an instruction sheet  are available in the
Create a crawfish balloon decoration

Tutorial: How to create a crawfish balloon decoration

Inflate balloon
  Fill the larger 12" red latex balloon with air. Tie

Three balloon sizes

 Inflate three (3) of the 5" balloons to the standard uniform size. They are fully inflated when they start to get a pear shape. Inflate the remaining four (4) 5" red latex balloons about half way (size of the balloon on the far right).

Crawfish balloon arms

Create each arm out of one (1) 5" balloon filled to standard size and one filled half-way. Tie the necks of these two balloons together for each arm.

Attach arms/claws
Using double sided tape, attach each of the arms/claws to the body of the crawfish. Position the arms as shown. Neck of the large balloon faces forward.

Create crawfish balloon tail
Create the tail out of one regular size 5" red latex balloon and two smaller 5" balloons. Tie the balloons together at the neck of the balloons as shown.

Attach tail

Attach the tail to the rear of the large balloon with a piece of double stick tape as shown.

Create crawfish face
Add two googly eyes above the neck of the 12" balloon body. Wrap the red pipe cleaner around the neck of the balloon to form an antenna.

Draw in crawfish features
Draw lines on body, tail and claws as shown on the illustration below.

Crawfish details

Complete crawfish balloon
Your custom Create-a -Crawfish balloon decoration is complete

*Air-filled balloon tip*
A small amount of water in the main air-filled balloon will help to weight down the centerpiece if you are using the crawfish as a decoration outside or  in a windy location. Or you can anchor the crawfish to the table with double sided tape.

Create a Crawfish balloon kit
A kit with the basic supplies and instruction sheet is available:

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