April 21, 2011

Black & Gold Masquerade Mask Centerpiece Tutorial

Black and Gold Masquearde Mask Centerpiece
A striking combination of sparkling gold set against dramatic black creates a perfect color scheme for an elegant Masquerade event. Masquerade parties are not just for Mardi Gras. A Masquerade theme is great for sweet sixteen or Casanova Venetian MaskLa Quinceañera parties, school proms or non-profit fundraisers. Masquerade parties create an opportunity to dress up and become someone else for the evening (behind a mask.)

Beautiful antiqued sheet music is appliqued on the face and nose of this  Casanova Venetian Mask. The black background with raised gold leaf detail was the inspiration for the black and gold color scheme and centerpiece.

Masquearde Lighted CenterpieceSet the stage for a dramatic black and gold masquerade event, with one of these fun centerpieces. We created two different versions with the same mask . To carry out our black and gold color scheme  these centerpieces are set on tables topped with matching gold faux silk table toppers

Black and Gold Mask Centerpiece Supplies
Supplies used to create this Mask Centerpiece:

Casanova Long Nose Mask-black & gold
Black and Gold Fleur de Lis Vase
Black Ostrich Plume Feathers
Gold Faux Feather Floral Pick
Gold Craft Wire
Angel Grass Shred- gold
plastic balloon sticks -(optional for added height)
sturdy wooden stick/dowel
wire cutters
hot glue (skillet or gun type)

Black and Gold Mask Centerpiece
TUTORIAL: How to create this Black and Gold Masquerade Mask Centerpiece

Cutting floral foam for centerpiece
Floral foam in fleur de lis vase

STEP 1: Start with the black and gold vase that features a gold Fleur de Lis. To anchor the centerpieces, use standard green floral foam (the type for dry arrangements not wet). Cut the foam rectangle down to a size that will fit in this round Fleur de lis vase.  Insert foam into the vase. Push it down until the foam is level with the top of the vase. It should fit snugly in the vase.

 Glue stick on Venetian Mask
STEP 2: Glue a wooden stick or dowel onto the mask on the left side on the back of the Casanova mask. Hot Melt glue that is heated in a inexpensive crock pot makes craft projects easy and hands free. Simply dip the item you want to glue (the stick) into the melted glue and then attach the stick to the paper mache mask. Let the glue dry completely before picking up the mask.

Insert floral picks into foam
STEP 3: Insert the stick on the Casanova mask into the floral foam. On the opposite side of the foam, insert the wire of the gold feather floral spray . The wire on the gold floral spray may need to be cut down to achieve this preferred height.

 Add black feather plumes

STEP 4: Add in the black plume feathers. Layer the feathers in the front, sides and back of the centerpiece.
This arrangement features 6 feathers that are 14-16" tall.

 Adding height to feather plumes

To add some additional height to the plumes, a small plastic balloon stick is used. These balloon sticks are hollow. Glue the quill end of the feather into the center of the plastic stick as shown here. This addition of the plastic balloon stick will give the feather another 12" of height.

Another option would be to wire/glue the feather onto an extra length of  floral wire.

 Gold craft wire curls
STEP 5:  Create metal curl picks out of the gold craft wire. Cut a length of the gold craft wire approximately 2 feet long. This craft wire is easy to cut and shape. Create fun curl shapes with the craft wire, leaving one end straight so it can be inserted into the floral foam. You can form this craft wire into any shape you prefer.

Insert gold wire curls into Mask Centerpiece
Insert the wire curl into the floral foam. Repeat this process for each curl. This centerpiece features 5 wire curls.

 Gold Shred on top of vase
STEP 6: Finish off the top of the vase with gold shredded angel hair grass. This shred covers the green foam and adds another touch of metallic gold sparkle to the arrangement.

Completed Mask Arrangement

The complete Masquerade Mask arrangement

A second variation of this arrangement:

 Alternate Lighted Mask Arrangement
The gold feather floral pick has been replaced with three lighted LED branches. These battery operated illuminated branches add a natural element to the centerpiece and add mood lighting to your table scape.

LAST STEP: Finish off your table scape by placing a  square gold table topper over plain black table linens.

 Complete the tablescape with linens and beads
Table confetti of plastic gold coins and black bead necklaces add the finishing touch to the black and gold theme.
 Jeweled Jester Mask

For other masquerade masks options, see the entire selection of Masks.

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