January 14, 2013

Mardi Gras Garland Tutorial: Deco Mesh Work Garland Form

Mardi Gras Garland made with Deco Mesh and Work Garland Form: A tutorial

Bigger is better when it comes to Mardi Gras decorations! Create elaborate one-of-a-kind decorative garland with a work garland form and deco mesh. In a few simple steps,you can create a designer Mardi Gras garland of your own.  We used the traditional colors of Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)  which are purple, green, and gold, representing justice, faith, and power- respectively. This style deco mesh garland can be created in any color,  for any theme. The work garland comes in a large variety of colors and styles (click here for options) and there are hundreds of different styles and patterns of decorative mesh (click here for options).

Mardi Gras garland complete with ribbon and deco mesh

What is a work garland form? A work garland form is the basic form used to make a decorative garland. The 9 foot long weather resistant wire base has 44 pre attached wire ties that you use to attach deco mesh, ribbon, ornaments and accessories onto the form.  These wire ties come in various finishes.   The standard tinsel ties resembles traditional wired faux garland. Use this version when you want the form color to show in your design. This is the version used in this tutorial. The new thin pencil tinsel ties are slim and easy to hide in the garland.  There is also a twig works wire form that resembles natural twining vine for a more natural look.

Where do you use a  decorative garland?  Decorate a mantle, down a staircase banister, over doorways, across a mirror or on a mailbox.  The work garland forms and deco mesh are both water resistant so they can used indoors or outdoors. No worries about sagging bows, rusted wires or molded ribbon when you use them to decorate outdoors!

Here is the tutorial for creating your own designer decorative Mardi Gras garland.

Mardi Gras Garland Supplies for a Deco Mesh Work Garland Form

SUPPLIES:  To purchase these products from www.mardigrasoutlet.com, click on the individual product link below or click HERE to see a complete supply list.

Optional Accessories


The cost of the basic garland is around $32.  There will be product left over  (apx 6ft of the 21" wide mesh and 12 ft of ribbon).  This 9 foot garland took under 45 minutes to make.

Step One for a Mardi Gras Deco Mesh Work Garland Form
Fluff out your Work Garland so that all the ties are open.  Next, gather your mesh.  It is important to gather, not bunch, the deco mesh.  Bunching will cause your garland to look less voluminous, and more wrinkled.

Mardi Gras Garland using a gold work garland form
 Place the mesh in between the first set of ties.

Deco Mesh work garland form- twist and attach the mesh
Twist the ties together to attach the mesh to the garland.  Leave the ties outward so that you can attach more layers to the same ties.

Measure about 9" of deco mesh per loop of the Mardi Gras garland

After you have attached the mesh to the first set of ties, gather the mesh, leaving about 9 inches for each poof.  It doesn't have to be exact, but if you pull the mesh out, skipping 1 tie, that's about the length you need to insert into each tinsel tie.  The photo above illustrates length.

Continue down the work garland form with loops of deco mesh in the Mardi Gras stripe pattern.
Continue making poofs until you have reached the end of the garland.  There are 44 ties total, and you will go through almost an entire roll of mesh.

At the end of the tinsel tie garland form, trim the deco mesh.
Trim the deco mesh once you have come the last tie, leaving about 6 inches on the end.

Add  deco mesh ribbon to the form along with the Mardi Gras striped deco mesh.
Add ribbon on top of the Deco Mesh by twisting it into the same tinsel ties.  You can make bows, loops, or simply attach the ribbon in with just a twist!

Mardi Gras Garland with tinsel tie roping added into the tinsel ties.
Add another layer for more color and dimension. Insert the gold Tinsel Roping into tinsel ties.  You can leave loops or make curls, any way you apply it, tinsel roping adds a great finishing touch!

The finished Mardi Gras garland made with a work garland form, deco mesh and tinsel roping.
The finished garland!  Now you can personalize your own by adding ornaments, floral sprays, mardi gras beads, or masks.  Below we have a few additional options.

Add in Mardi Gras sprays for additional accents- Acanthus Leaf Sprays
Mardi Gras Garland with the purple Acanthus Leaf Spray, (available here, or in purple, green, or gold).

Additional Big Metallic Ornaments add more sparkle to this Mardi Gras Work Form Garland.
Mardi Gras Garland with Large Ornaments
These ornaments added the perfect sparkly touch!  The oversize Mardi Gras Balls are available here, and we also have a large selection of Mardi Gras ornaments available here.

Hang your Mardi Gras garland with coordinating ribbon!
Mardi Gras Garland with Ribbons
This glittery Harlequin Fleur de Lis Ribbon (available here)  added another layer of texture.  For more ribbon  styles, click here.

A perfect glittery garland for Carnival season! Happy Crafting!

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