November 14, 2012

DIY Christmas Bow Video: Double Bow with Deco Mesh

Making a Deco Mesh Christmas Bow with two patterns

From gifts to garland, festive Holiday decorating means big, beautiful bows! Combine two different patterns, styles and colors of deco mesh and ribbon to create large Christmas bows perfectly suited for all your decorating needs. These over-sized DIY double bows are great for decorating large gifts, Christmas trees, wreaths and porches for the holidays. Making these large bows from 21-inch wide deco mesh is surprisingly easy! Just follow our tutorial video (below) to learn how to make your own.  

Supplies for a large Christmas deco mesh bow 

Supply List

To purchase these products from, click on the individual product link below or click HERE for a complete supply list.


It took our designer less than 10 minutes to create the basic bow.  The material cost is approximately $26 for enough supplies to make about 4 -5 large bows

Large Christmas doublle bow made out of deco mesh

Deco mesh Christmas bow decorates a tree

A Second Version- Christmas Bow with wire ball accents.

Deco mesh Christmas bow with wire ball accents

Adding ribbon tails and metallic wire balls to the basic bow only takes a few more minutes, but adds
lots of sparkle and interest. Here are is how you create this look from the basic double Christmas bow.

Alternative Accessories

Add Wire Balls and a Ribbon Tail:

Adding tails and wire ball accents to a bow
Cut your desired ribbon- approximately 3-4 foot long pieces.  Lay out length wise. Tie wire balls onto ends of the ribbon.

Detail of twisting wire to add tails to a bow

In the center of each piece of ribbon use aluminum craft wire or the tinsel roping to gather up the tails. Twist the wire so about half of the ribbon lies on either side. Stagger the wire ball height to create interest.  Use this wire to attach the tails onto the back of the bow.

Tails and wire ball accents to add to a bow

Final Product

We used three pieces of red ribbon with a green wire ball on each end (6 wire balls total) and two additional tails of the striped deco mesh ribbon as accent.

Finished Christmas mesh bow with wire ball and ribbon accents
Love the wire ball accents in this post? So do we! These inexpensive and creative aluminum wire balls are our new craft obsession. Check back later for more posts on these fun new products. We've come up with lots of fun ways you can use the wire balls in crafting, tablescapes, and as decor for Holidays and Parties!


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