September 24, 2012

DIY: Halloween Spider Puff Decoration

These"not too spooky" Halloween Puff Spiders are full of personality. Created with chocolate brown poly deco mesh and metallic tinsel garland, these spiders are weather resistant and durable  so they can be hung anywhere outdoors! Add them to some fake spider webbing for cute Halloween decorations that will not scare the little ones away! Keep reading to find out how we created them.


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21" Poly Deco Mesh: Metallic Chocolate
Metallic Tinsel Roping: Chocolate
Craft Wire
1.5" Wire Ball (in a coordinating color)

This spider puff decoration took approximately 20 minutes to make.. You will need  4 yards of mesh per spider leaving you about 6 yards on the mesh roll left over! The materials cost about $10.00 with enough material for 2 spiders.

Pre-cut approximately 30 pieces of craft wire (5"-6" pieces).

Using the 21" wide mesh, cut small lengths/curls of mesh, then cut in half length-wise as show. Or you can use 10" wide mesh with out cutting them in half.

You will need approximately 30 pieces of mesh curls for the spider.

Continue adding onto the wire ball until you have uniformly covered the whole surface.

Make the spider legs out of the metallic tinsel garland in chocolate. Cut four 2' long sections. Bend in the middle to form legs.

Attach the tinsel legs into the wire ties- two on each side.

Bend the tinsel in the middle and at the ends to form your spider legs.

Create silly or spooky eyes with card stock paper or plastic googly eyes. Glue or wire the eyes into the puff to create your spooky spider full of personality.

Silly Spider Success!

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