August 21, 2011

Team Sports Beads

Colored Mardi Gras Beads aren't just for Mardi Gras; Team colored beads are great way to celebrate fall football games, school spirit and other school sports. Bead strands come in many different colors; mix and match them to coordinate with your school colors. Toss bead necklaces to fans at the big game to rev up the crowd. Decorate with team beads for any game, rally or school event to make it even more festive. Sell team colored beads for a creative school fundraiser- a great way to support the team and raise money!

For a football game, try these huge Jumbo Football beads that come in lots of color ways (shown here: black and gold, red and black, purple and gold.) Each football bead is 2" x 1" and the strand itself is 42" long! Pictured below are some smaller sized football shaped beads. These necklaces are 36" long with smaller football beads.These also come in many colors and are more affordable for tossing out to fans.

The swirl necklaces below are an elegant option for teams and businesses looking for products in their own colors. These are 38" long hand-strung necklaces with a pearlized satin finish, with beads in alternating colors. Each high-quality bead is about 1.25" x .5", and are separated by small round metallic beads.

Looking for less expensive beads for sporting or school events? Last but not least are these two-toned round beads. These come in affordable packs of 12 strands. Each 36" necklace has six sections of its two colors.

Whatever option you choose, Mardi Gras beads in your team colors are sure to be a hit with both players and fans!

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