November 2, 2010

Candy Cane Stripe Holiday Wreath: EZ Wreath Form Tutorial

The Soft Clamp Wire Wreath Form  enables you to create a custom wreath in as little as 10 minutes with under $12 worth of supplies.  This festive Christmas wreath was created with the Candy Cane striped deco mesh, the  12" wreath form and a pair of scissors. These minimal supplies are really all you need to craft a creative wreath on your own. The finished candy cane stripe wreath is over 24" wide.  

Both the deco mesh and wreath form are weather proof and durable so they are perfect for outdoor use for the holidays. Click these links to see the whole selection of deco mesh and wire wreath forms for all your options for a custom holiday wreath.


To purchase these products from, click on the individual product link below or click HERE.
12" Easy Wreath Form with soft clamp ties
(1) 10 yard roll of 21" wide candy-cane stripe deco poly mesh


The 24" wreath takes approximately 6 yards of Deco Mesh.   The total cost of the supplies is under $12. This candy cane striped Christmas wreath takes about 10 minutes to make.


Gather the end of the deco mesh together. Insert this end between two of the wire clamps. Twist the wire around the mesh, clasping it in place.

Move down the deco mesh about 8-10 inches and gather a section of mesh together again. Place this bunch of poly mesh in the next wire tie. Twist  the ties around the mesh to secure in place.

Wreath Tip: Try to keep the loops of deco mesh uniform length so the wreath will be symmetrical. Gather with both hands from each side of the mesh to make even loops.

Continue around the wreath form, adding deco mesh in bunched sections into the wire ties around the form.

When you get back to the original tie, finish off the wreath by twisting the last loop of deco mesh into this original tie, as shown.

With the wreath complete, there is still deco mesh left on the roll for an additional project!

Candy Cane Wreath with Ribbon Accent:
Add in a accent ribbon to create a different look.  Lime green ribbon adds a modern twist to the traditional color scheme of red and white candy cane stripes.  We added in 4" wide deco mesh ribbon in metallic moss/lime.

With the EZ wreath form, adding in more layers is just as easy as the first layer.

At a starting point on the wreath, add a bunched piece of 4" deco mesh ribbon in by securing into a original wire ties. Twist to keep the ribbon in place.

Continue around the wreath form, adding ribbon into the wire ties

Post Update:
This candy cane wreath was given an upgraded look. Check out our newest version, HERE.



  1. Where do you find the E Z wreath form?

    1. i use wire wreath form and use craft color pipe cleaners. i use what ever the color of my deco mesh (ie, red deco use red pipe cleaners.) works great because you get to put at much space between your loops of deco mesh as you want. Creates fuller wreaths and use pipe cleaner to attach your any added ornaments or additional ribbon. hope this is hepful

    2. You can purchase the wire wreath form at

      Here is the link to the specific page with this size wreath form.

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  3. I used a straw wreath and painted the wreath black since i was making a halloween wreath.
    I used floral pins to attach. Very easy once I got the hang of it .

    1. Great idea. Did you have any problem with the pins coming back out of the straw wreath form?

  4. I use the evergreen wreaths because you just wrap the greenery around the mesh ribbon and it is super easy. I use the 24 inch wreath that costs $5 or less.

  5. I really like your idea and the way you get it done! I am following you!

  6. Wow I and about to buy a made wreath for 60 bucks. My hubbys unit is getting deployed and our community shows respect. If u have any ideas I would appreciate it. Need to save up sone money for supplies .

  7. When adding the accent ribbon and beads are they being wrapped around to the back of the wreath?

    1. No, I just put the accents on the front of the wreath so the back stays flat. Use a zig-sag pattern to cover the wreath evenly. I hope that helps!

  8. Nice, I love being creative instead of just going out & buying it. You appreciate it more.

  9. Thanks for sharing. I love being creative, you enjoy making things more, its your own unique style.



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