April 11, 2010

Crawdad hole

"A beautiful day for you to get a line and me to get a pole.
Let's go down to the crawdad hole!"

Crawfish mud hole

I stumbled upon this crawfish hole in a field the other day. It is such a simple, but amazing structure for a crawfish to build for a home. Seeing the crawfish hole reminded me of the legend of the crawfish, a folk legend surrounding the crawfish and why he lives in a mud tower home. Here is the folk tale for you to enjoy!

Part of Louisiana's spice is the folklore of our culture. According to legend, crawfish and the mud towers that mark their home originated in the bayou as follows:

Nova Scotia Lobster followed the Acadian people on their way to settle in Louisiana. The lobsters grew tired and smaller and smaller along the journey, so that when they arrived in Acadiana they were only 4 to 5 inches long. Messieurs les Ecrevisses were very friendly with the settlers and did everything the settlers did. So when the Acadians built mud chimneys for their homes, the crawfish did the same. However, the crawfish were so tired they couldn't complete their homes. They just crawled right into the chimneys and set up house.

Legend of the Crawfish Souvenir
The Legend of the Crawfish souvenir packet is a great little piece of Louisiana Cajun culture.  The packet includes a bagged red plastic crawfish with card that tells the folk legend surrounding the Louisiana Crawfish and his mud tower home. What a great souvenir for gift baskets, visitors to the south or home sick southerners far from their beloved crawfish!

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