March 1, 2010

Mardi Gras music in the family with Kristin Diable!

 Kristin Diable
Our carnival season reverberates with Mardi Gras music from around New Year's day until the final parades roll on Fat Tuesday. By the end of the season, even the die hard Mardi Gras fans are ready to hear something different.

Kristin DiableSo, I was thrilled to hear a great new Mardi Gras song, the classic IKO IKO, sung by our talented cousin, Kristin Diable. Kristin spent years away in New York getting her music career started. Far away from Mardi Gras and the south, she cultivated a voice that reflects a unique combination of folk, jazz and soul.  She recently returned south and set up shop in New Orleans. Kristin has had a guitar in her hand, singing her own songs, since she was too young to drive. I don't remember a family gathering with out that guitar and her amazing voice. (She may kill me for writing that, but I have pictures to prove it!) Kristin has come along way and her soulful voice proves it. She did a great job revisiting a classic with her own "Kristin" style and just in time for Mardi Gras.

From her website:
KD(Kristin Diable) is releasing her rendition of a New Orleans classic, The Dixie Cups, "IKO IKO!" Home recording Feb. 2010. It's yours to keep if you promise to add it to your playlists and keep it in rotation. Please share with friends!
P.S. This track is meant to be played LOUD on a real stereo (or in a car, or on a parade float, or a dance floor). We suggest burning it on a CD and/or adding it to your iPod to rock in spaces outside of the computer. Enjoy!

A piece of these famous lyrics (I think I can hear the parade rolling by right now...Can you?)
since i was a baby child, playing on that bayou
they been singin' that old song, gonna set your heart on fire...

Download the song and play it at your next Mardi Gras gathering. I hope you enjoy the song as much as I do.  I am so glad Kristin Diable is back down on that bayou!

<a href="">Iko Iko by Kristin Diable</a>

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